Help me decide (please!)

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Re: Help me decide (please!)

HarryPujols wrote:

Hey there folks!

Trying to decide on if it's time for a new camera or not.

I had bought a Panasonic FZ7 about 5 years ago, and it's served me well. Only drawback is the bulky size means i can't pocket it very easy. So with the advances of zoom lenses on smaller cameras ... i'm starting to get the itch, haha.

The biggest contender right now is the Canon Powershot SX260. It's gotten great reviews, and in the store, it did feel nice and small in my hand.

I've also read some great things about the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20 and the Panasonic ZS20.

I wasn't as big a fan of the Sony in person... but could easily be swayed if it's by and large the best of the best.

I do have some familiarity with Panasonic - and have had great luck with my FZ7 - but from what I've read - the Canon outperforms in the photo department...

Any thoughts/advice?

thx in advance!

The Canon SX260 is certainly not the best. Its lens is one of the darkest among all the competitors, processor is probably THE slowest, and Canon sensors underperform recently.

The best among superzooms are Panasonic FZ200 and Fuji X-S1, but they are significantly heavier and more expensive (especially the Fuji).

If you are fine with not having a viewfinder (given that SX260 you liked does not have one) and prefer to use rear display anyway, have a look at Olympus SZ-31MR iHS. Compared to its small and light superzoom competitors, its lens at its best is a little brighter, screen is better than most (only the Sony HX20 is as good) and dual processors are much faster. Battery life is worse than the Sony though, and the Sony has GPS.

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