NEX6 + 1650: Lens Cap?

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Re: NEX6 + 1650: Lens Cap?

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I'm in the US. I bought mine from Samy's Camera, but I purchased it through Amazon.

The box lists the body cap and the rear lens cap as recommended accessories.

I was thinking, seriously? How much money did Sony save by not including those items? I also thought it was strange that the lens was shipped already attached to the camera. Also, the battery and charger was very loose in the box. Made quite the rattling noise. I was questioning if this was a new product or repackaged.

The rationale is that for a p&s camera with a kit lens, you mount the lens on the body, you don't need a body cap or rear lens cap. It was the same with previous NEX kit, e.g. C3, 5n, . . .

Nothing new here. Spend an additional few bucks to get the cheap non-brand little things, not Sony brand. This is the way to squeeze blood out of a stone.

I'm not complaining. I'm just surprised. I responded to a post about the caps and I was stating my feelings. I'm not bitching and moaning about it. Actually, I have extras for my nex-7. As for this is how the 3 and 5 shipped, I would not have any experience with that. I've switched from the Canon 5dmII to the 7 a year ago. I'm used to seeing a body cap and lens backs.

To give Sony some credit, I never expected to see lens hoods included with all but the new 16-50 lens. My old L series Canon lens didn't come with a hood.

No punt intended. I understand it's a surprise.  I was shocked too when I got my C3 kit.

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