Nikon D300s or D7000?

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Re: I can't accept that sorry..makes no sense
Bellow is what Clear Blue Sky had originally asked(a week ago). I think it has been answered already and i don't think it will be polite that we continue intruding his post in such manner, on the other hand, he/she might just be laughing at all this funny nonsense stuff. D300(very good choice.) D7000 (very good choice.) I think we should just move on.

"I can get a D300s for £995 but also a D7000 for just £650. I do little sports photography but a lot of portraits and the occasional wedding in dimly lit churches. Whilst I can just about stretch to a D300s its now significantly more expensive than the 7000 atm, nearly 50% more!!Does it justify the difference?"

Hear hear!! I have been wondering what the point of this forum is! It really has been most entertaining reading the various posts! Kindof most grateful I haven't been flamed!!

From what I can glean it seems that the price of the additional cost of the D300s is not justified for my particular requirements. OK there are noted focusing issues with the D7000 which I am concerned about. That in itself would suggest I would be better of buying from a local dealer rather than an internet supplier like Digital Rev.

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