Performance Review of Panasonic GX 35-100mm f/2.8 Lens

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Re: Performance Review of Panasonic GX 35-100mm f/2.8 Lens

mpgxsvcd wrote:

I disagree with your conclusion here a bit.

You said:

"Central image sharpness is good at the focal lengths tested. At 100mm, f/2.8, images are sharp enough in the center of the lens field for portrait purposes. Image edges at large aperture are soft. Image sharpness does not approach that of the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens."

According to your test results the 35-100mm doesn't match the 75mm F1.8 @ 75mm. However, at 100mm it comes very close to matching the 75mm's on center performance. The sharpness for this lens is not linear across the whole lens. Are any zooms linear like the primes?

I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a 75mm F1.8 image and a 100mm F2.8 image if the fields of view are the same.

Thank you for your comments and observations.  I agree that autofocus errors are a frequent contributor to image softness.  I'm not sure where it is that we disagree.  If you are saying that the 35-100@100mm and f/2.8 is as sharp at the center of the field as the 75mm at f/1.8, I don't disagree (i.e., look at the mannequin photos).   If you are saying that overall image sharpness is comparable at f/2.8 for the 35-100@100 and the 75, we do disagree.  Photographing two people together with both lenses at f/2.8 would show the superior sharpness of the Oly 75mm over the 35-100 @ 100mm.  The 75mm f/1.8 image at f/2.8 for the two people would have considerably more punch.

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