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There's a current commercial where Peyton Manning and John Schnatter are pitching Papa John's promotional giveaway of 2 million pizzas. Schnatter himself admits Obamacare will add 11 to 14 cents per pizza to his costs. So business is good enough that he can give away 2 million pizzas for free, but when it comes to forking over 14 cents per pie for his employees to live a healthier life, that's just too much of a burden for his billion dollar pizza business to endure.

I find that both amazing and repulsive. Don't these guys realize that healthy employees is the road to a successful business with low staff turnover?

Wtf ? Lol....

I doubt "low staff turnover" for a company that puts tomato sauce and slices of meat on some round dough then bakes it and drives it to the customer.... is all that important, ffs.

Not much of a "highly trained skill level".

Aren't these jobs for kids that are in high school ?

What a reach.

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???? ???? ??????

You have apparently never had a job of any sort. Unskilled employees are a sure way to kill a business, and training costs are one of the major expenditures a business can make. Businesses that have a high staff turnover generally end up closing because they annoy customers to the point that they don't have any. This isn't a reach, this is the way it is. Even a pizza cook will take a few weeks of training before he can be trusted by himself for an entire shift. This means that for that time, labour costs are doubled.

If you had any business experience, you wouldn't make such retarded posts.

Then I bow to your career delivering pizzas.

What I know from a friend that owns a pizza shop is that turnover is the name of the game. People (aside from you) don't make pizza-making their "career".

No offense to your 2 weeks of hard skilled training and very rewarding career.

These businesses... all pizza chains... expect constant turnover and get it. Which is why they don't want to be forced to provide health insurance to these people that will only be there a few months tops.

The paperwork alone isn't worth it.

Apparently Barack Obama's "fines" are.

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???? ???? ??????

OOHHHHH, aren't you a clever little man with your insults. Does your imaginary friend check references? Does he realize that most of the people he hires are coming from another service business, does he realize the people who leave are going to another place just like his, but hopefully with a boss who isn't such a jerk?

No, he's actually based in reality.

Most of these kids have never worked before, or if they have it was a different pizza joint the previous summer.

He also knows these kids are going to quit and go to school as soon as September comes. So the 3 months they are there don't fall into the 90 day probationary period most businesses institute and most insurance companies require... for the rates given.

The "core" employees, the ones that are there year-round, are the ones that are working full time and have full benefits.

We're talking "pizza".... not fine dining.

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