Pro DX is Dead

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Patco wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

You mean you are posting all this crap without ever have looked at the whole project as it was published to "technofotografia"......?

Man, there more than 20 pictures of that CAD design in there and I have posted the link on the top of this very page in my reply to "jonikon"...

just make sure you'll press the "Leer Mas" button! Here is the address once more.... this time make sure you read the posts before you come back with all this "student crap" again... This is a very expensive "industrial CAD" in 3D that took thousands of hours to be realized!ámaras%20concepto


The "Leer Mas" button brings you here:

"Nikon D800. Camera concepto por Tecnofotografia"

Seems to me this was just a (poor) prediction, dated 2011/04, of the D800:


I'm not sure what any of this has to do with "Pro DX".

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A photograph is more than a bunch of pixels

It hasn't..., obviously this very expensive project (it's not a prediction, it's a project that has been financed - that's why it's still there) has been done to be a proposition for makers in research of ideas..., people that have invest on into it have a faith (quite right too IMO) that this should interest some people in industry. There are definitely more projects like that, which are run both from makers as from independent companies too... My post, was to support (it wasn't brought up by me) this excellent idea, since I am sure that there isn't going to be a D300 replacement, ....but rather a camera (D9000) aimed to the video enthusiast that will have photography as a supplement. It was bob that tried to change the subject and convince people that this CAD design is a "Mickey-Mouse" PS crap used for predictions... So your quote should refer to my previous post that was on subject... not to my answer to Bob that is irrelevant to the topic...

Now if Bob (who is only trying to heal his image after he's being proved wrong) continues trying heal his image (since it's proven that he attacked my post -from his first quote- without ever know what this project was), ...well, I won't be answering, because I want the topic back... I came into this topic to discuss a possible DX pro camera with D300 values/upgrade, ...which I believe it will never exist and I've posted my reasoning behind it...


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