Advise on location commercial products shoot

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Re: Advise on location commercial products shoot

Surely you all started somewhere...? You did not go out and spend thousands in the beginning!

I wanted to get some advice if the background or tent? based on the 2 shoots I have lined up. was there something that would work for both shoots.

Of course we all started somewhere - that was 40 years ago for me. What you don't mention is that we all made mistakes, some really horrible ones if we were doing things properly. With your timeline, you just don't have that luxury. You wouldn't be here soliciting advice if you did.

Here's some; it's free, and it has 40 years of photographic experience behind it, 10 years of that doing commercial/industrial product photography.

Do what you want in the long run, but right now? Take the financial hit and hire the commercial shooter. He/she doesn't have to be expensive or even great - these jobs you describe aren't that big a deal. But you will be paying for the opportunity to LEARN. From watching them and observing their workflow, seeing their gear and how they use it, talking to them. The time and money will be well spent.

On quoting jobs, we used to kid clients that it costs more if they want to be there while we're shooting. Usually because it never changed the end result, just the time it took to get it.


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