"UK's planned copyright landgrab will spark US litigation 'firestorm'"

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Re: Utter nonsense!

aardvark7 wrote:

First, the article vents with plenty of generalisations and purported facts without any quotes or background.

When you look into it, the issue that is being addressed by the legislation is entirely real and the steps provided quite reasonable. What can't happen, according to my quick perusal of some very lengthy documents, is for people or governements just to assume the rights.

Basically, it points out that there is a vast library of material going to waste and that, once good and proper searches are done to verify any copyright holders and none found then 'licence to use' may be granted. Even then, remuneration will be retained to be paid out should the copyright holder come forward subsequently.

What it doesn't do is snatch the copyright and thumb the nose at those who own digital works, whatever the media.

This article is pure sensationalism at its worst.

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No what the problem is, is defining "proper search" it's too easy to say yes I had a look but could not find anything so I used it. i asked my secretary to look etc Try chasing that misuse through a court.

I send images off to companies all the time, I can guarantee that if in the future they ask me have I got an updated version and send my original back to me for reference, all the metadata will be stripped out. That image could now be on a thousand computers, passed along in emails, pdf's etc.

If someone wants to use it they will, if in the future is all they have to say is I Googled it and found nothing, what comeback will I have? None is the answer. Any image could be deemed free to use unless you get caught and free to use if you do get caught.

These new laws are not for the benefit of artists, it's all about taking from us, we get nothing yet give everything. There is not one gain for us, the gain is everyone else's.


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