GH3 DCI Review

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Re: To summarize DCI on GH3

Cy Cheze wrote:

Compared to FF models, the GH3 is very good, except perhaps at very low light levels.

It's the size of a small DSLR, though not as big as a 1D or 5D.

In terms of video, the GH3 offers some things you don't otherwise find except on a pro level videocam. The image is sharper in good light than the 5d MIII, though noisier at very low light levels. Thus, Batman, Dracula, and certain zombies will still be able to justify paying an additional $3k or so for the FF models. But the GH3 may still be fine for low-budget Steve King assignments, for which a little noise adds to the charm. But halo, lens flare, blow outs, and screwy WB make night video shot with any camera a pretty awkward thing. Bats, evidently, do quite fine at night without any vision at all.

Moiré not mentioned or measured, apparently. Moiré to come?

No comparisons to the GH2, NEX6, or G6, which are cheaper than the GH3 and maybe good enough for anyone but a cinephile. Most people would never need to shoot video in anything other than AVCHD or MP4 under 30mbps.

DR probably an improvement, but sunsets over dark foreground will still demand a graduated filter.

Don't see the usual DCI/VCI video test that uses the electric train and spinning wheels.

I know you are mostly kidding, but most "night" scenes are shot in very good/controlled lighting conditions and then darkened.   So unless you work for National Geographic and are going to film vampire bats, this may be a great camera. 

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