D800 and yellowish reproduction

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Re: D800 and yellowish reproduction

For fun, have you tried using the Nikon RGB that came with ViewNX2 or CaptureNX2 over the Adobe RGB 1998 one?

I've wondered what the change would be using it (I never got a response about it in either the Retouch or Printer forum) but I cannot get Lightroom 4 to find or see it, just the standard 3 that comes with that software. Don't see how to get it into Qimage Ultimate either. Probably need to use it in PS CS6 and then output it into something for the printer to see.

I too see the red as getting blown out easily in the D800E for whatever reason. Almost like one needs to "Expose for the red" in general. I'm making a sleeve for a location focus test card and plan to sew some bright red fabric with a weave in it onto it see if it gets blown prior to shooting something important.

Fwiw, I did use a ColorChecker Passport, the Adobe DNG conversion and the x-rite software to make a D800E camera profile, and a ColorMunki Photo and the prints are very close in color to the MacBeth chart that I shot. Was surprised to see that the x-rite software was reporting back to me that I was blowing and clipping the chart (approx. 1/2 stop) and I needed to cut down on the exposure before it accepted the DNG photo. Didn't say what was clipping though.


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