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Wheatfield wrote:

dwalby wrote:

There's a current commercial where Peyton Manning and John Schnatter are pitching Papa John's promotional giveaway of 2 million pizzas. Schnatter himself admits Obamacare will add 11 to 14 cents per pizza to his costs. So business is good enough that he can give away 2 million pizzas for free, but when it comes to forking over 14 cents per pie for his employees to live a healthier life, that's just too much of a burden for his billion dollar pizza business to endure.

I find that both amazing and repulsive. Don't these guys realize that healthy employees is the road to a successful business with low staff turnover?

Wtf ?  Lol....

I doubt "low staff turnover" for a company that puts tomato sauce and slices of meat on some round dough then bakes it and drives it to the customer.... is all that important, ffs.

Not much of a "highly trained skill level".

Aren't these jobs for kids that are in high school ?

What a reach.

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