50mm "Normal" Lens... Ok, but "Normal" on FF or APS-C Sensor?

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Re: for me a "Normal" lens (...). is same 'size' view as 'no lens'

sdyue wrote:

for me a "Normal" lens (regardless of mm/fov/aov/sensor size)... is same 'size' view as 'no lens'

by 'no lens', i mean, 'no camera'... if i were to use a 50mm on a camera, and look through its OVF, and see an IDENTICAL 'size' (magnification of 1x) look compared to my bare eye with no camera in front of other eye... then i would see it as like 'no lens' at all.

it just happens that 50mm turned out to be closer to the 'no lens' look for FF (36x24mm frame)

It didn't "just happen". The viewfinder was engineered to give that degree of magnification.

It's also not relevant, since there are cameras with virtually non-existent viewfinders. For example a tiny image reflected in a little mirror for some folding rollfilm or box cameras. Or other cameras with a straight-through viewfinder incorporating no optical components, other than a hole to look through. And so on.

But all of those cameras, regardless of viewfinder, had a focal length chosen as "normal", and it clearly wasn't on the basis of how the viewfinder behaved.


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