60D does bird bathing

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Re: 60D does bird bathing

ultimitsu wrote:

vetphoto wrote:

Poor as those fotos are they could have been exposed with a cell phone, sorry but I think the 60D is much more capable.

This post is by no means a counter-attack, I am posting it only for the spirit of constructive discussion.

I had looked through some of your posts and your work. I could not find any birding images that were, A, shot with the bird at ground level, or , B, in fast motion. The images I saw were shot with 5D1 and 400L with the birds in reasonably steady state, much slower SS would have been sufficient (for example 1/500s) and because they were all upward shots they were easy to create clean blurry background.

I would suggest you try these ground level bird bathing shots first before telling us how it could be done by a cellphone. Creditability may not mean the same to everyone but I would like to think everyone has some.

Funny but I have found this site to be brutal sometimes. And I'm not sure why people have to be so harsh. I'm a musician and the music business can be equally as cruel.

I'm new to photography and find it to be as competitive as the music business. I think people forget that we all were beginners at one time. And some of us have less tolerance and patience for beginners.

As a result of this competitive side of photography, I rarely show my photos to people. Or I should say I rarely show them to another photographer. If I play a tune I write to another musician, most of the time they will listen with an extremely critical ear and may completely miss the emotion. I find the same thing happens in photography. I know that most of my shots mean something to me or I wouldn't have taken them.

I have two groups of my photos. The ones that are just documenting my travels I show to the average person. I have another group that I MIGHT show to a trained photographer. But I make sure that I have everything as close to perfect as I can as I can get it (if there is such a thing as perfect) because I know it is going to be torn apart.

When viewing another persons photos, I think we have to keep in mind that the photo may mean something to the person who took it. And they might not have been trying to be photographically perfect or artistic. Some times you just shoot something because it catches your eye.

So I just look at my photo's by myself and enjoy them and when I want to learn I might put something out there and ask for comments.

Sorry for the long monologue.

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