NEX 5R: what a big mistake I made

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Re: NEX 5R: what a big mistake I made

Helen wrote:

ennemkay wrote:

mike geier wrote:

I don't really see the importance of a touchscreen

i agree... i've only had my 5n for a few days though. you can choose a focus point within the frame by touch, but i don't yet see how that's better than focusing and recomposing. aside from that it doesn't seem to provide any additional functionality.

No, I don't either. I think it depends on whether you're a "focus and recompose" person or not (I am) - it seems some folks can't take to that method so for them, moving the focus point must seem useful.

Focus-and-recompose is only practical for hand-held shots.

It is not suitable for studio work on a tripod, especially close work on small objects.

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