5D3 and an original 580ex flash. not working so well

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Re: 5D3 and an original 580ex flash. not working so well

I have the 5dmk3 and both 580ex and 580ex2 flashes.

I have found out that shooting in M is very simple and the results are superb. The only exception is when you need to compensate for extra/less flash. Set the flash to ETTL mode.

In M I set the tv to 1/60 (typically) and the shutter to 5.6 - 8 for regular snap shots and family pictures inside. Set the ISO to Auto, point and shoot and every picture in perfect. I have experienced similar problems in the past with 20D. I found out that bounce flash and the wide angle lens are certainly not working well. My best flash shots is by using bounce flash to the ceeling, the head at 60deg. tilt and the catch-light reflektor in use if the flash is pointing forward. Even better is the flash pointing backward or side-ways to a light wall or some curtains, works as a huge soft-box.

Try it, and let us know.


Øystein Bach

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