Can I get this kind of DOF out of the 35mm 1.8 DX???

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Re: No, you can't. And not such bokeh either.

slimandy wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

He wanted to know how to get a super shallow dof, not go to this location and shoot the exact same photograph. The small man resorts to insults...have a nice day.

He has given an example of what he wants to achieve. He is mistaken in thinking he will achieve it using super shallow DOF but he admits he is a beginner and hence he needs advice. What he wants is a shot similar to the one he has shown, i.e. people shot against nicely burred BG's. Even a WA will allow him to get shallow enough DOF that the BG is not in focus but it won't offer him the blur, which is what he really wants. He has attached an image "so you can see what I'm talking about." Look at the image to see what he wants.

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He said: "Have any of you been able to get this kind of DOF out of the 35mm 1.8? I guess I have when I'm, like, two feet away."

So clearly we can tell he knows that when he is close with even the 35mm lens, the background blurs similarly to this photo.

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