Selection of IBIS or Lens IS for the E-M5

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Re: Selection of IBIS or Lens IS for the E-M5

With the 14-42x on  the E-PL5, with  Lens IS-priority set to ON and the main IS control set to ON, the image  (42mm,, 1/5) is relatively sharp. With Lens IS-priority OFF and the main IS control is ON, the image is also sharp.    I think the  first of these settings represent the working of the lens-based IS, and the second IBIS.  (I wouldn't swear to it, but the lens-IS seems to produce a slightly better result in this situation.). Turning both lens IS-priority as well as the main IS control off results in a very blurry picture.

From what I've read, there is no way of setting the IS in the EM-5 so that it uses lens-based IS.  (The camera salesman I talked to suggested that this could be done in a firmware update.)  However, the consensus seems to be that the 5-way IBIS is considerably better than the earlier-generation mechanism that's in the E-PL5, and it's also as good as or better than Panasonic's lens-based IS.

If any of you are wondering why this concerns me: I bought an E-PL5 (replacing a GX1) a few days ago, and although i've been generally impressed with it, I've been thinking of exchanging it for an E-M5.  The way the E-M5 handles  Panasonic's IS lenes is one of its few downsides compared to the E-PL5.  The Olympus 5-way IBIS may be superior, but I like to have a choice.

Anyway, I bit the bullet and  bought an E-M5, with the understanding that one of the two cameras will be returned.  The battery is charging now...


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