Can I get this kind of DOF out of the 35mm 1.8 DX???

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Re: Here is what you need to know

slimandy wrote:

Actually his intention is quite clear from his writing, he said - "Have any of you been able to get this kind of DOF out of the 35mm 1.8? I guess I have when I'm, like, two feet away."

When he is close he realises he can get this sort of reduced dof. He wants to be further away, and likely have the ability to blur the BG more when he is close. Longer lenses will do this. I'm pretty sure wildlife photographers don't go out and buy a 400mm 2.8 in order to stand about the same distance as a 50mm to give the same dof. They do it to get closer magnification (whilst staying far away from subject) and blow out the background, which is what he is talking about. If he kept buying longer lenses and standing miles away from the subject yes he wouldn't notice a difference, this is kind of obvious though isn't it?

He gave an example of the kind of thing he wants to achieve. It wasn't a wildlife shot @ 400mm. I believe he thinks it was achieved by narrow DoF only rather than narrow FOV and I believe he can indeed achieve it on a DX body and even with a 35mm f1.8, which was his question, but that a longer lens will be better but because of narrow FOV rather than DOF.

You will not achieve the results he gave as an example of what he wants by using a 400mm f2.8 lens.

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If you read what I said, I never suggested to buy a 400mm 2.8 lens. The example photograph displays out of focus elements, because there is a shallow dof in the photograph. It's pretty simple. He can achieve that affect on DX, of course yes. But if you really want shallow dof you buy a bigger sensor camera to exploit the effect. You also use longer focal lengths, big apertures and pull your subject away from the background and get close. That's what he wanted to know.

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