GH3 & EPL5 Raw Comparison

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Re: GH3 and EPL-5?

Adventsam wrote:

Bob Meyer wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

Is the EPL-5 as good as EM-5? I doubt it and from this the EPL-5 is ahead by a margin for detail, look at the purple print top right corner, its missing in the GH3, incl iso125? and is apparent all the way to 3200 in the EPL-5. My worse fears are the GH2 has superior detail to GH3 look actually true.

Why do you doubt the EPL-5 is as good as the EM-5? According to Olympus they use the same sensor, and there have been a number of comparisons online that show the two cameras produce results that are basically identical.

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I believe there are many cameras using ostensibly the same 16mp aps-c sensor, are you saying the o/p is the same from all these cameras? dxo says no and generally speaking the they are slightly different with slightly different aa filters to boot. The epl-5 does not have same ibis, buffer and whatever else camera internals as the em-5 nor the same construction.

Some real world reading for you:

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