A non-bulky camera for landscapes & pet (dog) photography

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Re: A non-bulky camera for landscapes & pet (dog) photography

MMPB wrote:

To upgrade the picture quality, I'm looking for a camera to replace the Canon. No I'm doubting about a Sony RX100 (not to bulky and according lots of reviews, really good picture quality) Nevertheless, I'm afraid that this camera (again) cannot deliver the quality I'm looking for. So I'm doubting isn't it more wise to buy a DSLR (which isn't to heavy & bulky) with one good allround lens????

Anyone any suggestions?

Thank you for your reply!

RX100 will give you as good quality as any low and midpriced DSLRs with their kit lenses. Kits which could give you a definite improvement in image quality over RX100 start from $1,400 (Fuji X-E1 +18-55 f2.8-4), although that one does not quite have the reach of RX100. Or you can sacrifice zoom and use cheap DSLRs with a good prime (non-zooming lens) at about the same price as RX100, but without zoom a lot of pictures will be miscomposed or simply missed.

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