Who is disappointed with the Oly 45mm lens?

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Re: P 45mm 2.8, what for?

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Disappointed in the 45 1.8 for under $400. Not at all. It's actually one of the best lenses optically in m43 and the MSC motor make if one of the best for videos using AF. Perhaps it's the comparison to the 45 2.8 Macro lens that is tripping you up? But if you look at the MTF/Imatest resolution scores for both the 45 1.8 and 45 2.8 Macro (see Lenstip and Photozone reviews) the two lenses are both extremely high resolving lenses, and for portraits/bokeh or low-light shots the faster 1.8 lens is going to be better. Obviously for 1:1 Macro the PL 45 is the best choice. As far as color/contrast of each lens, I cannot comment as I have never used the PL 45.

Interested in this lens for my G3, only got the 20mm - which is great. So it's good for macro and portraits, but what about landscapes? Some in low light? Several of you got it, some information about what it's best for would be nice. Want stabilization, otherwise could have got Olympus 60 or 75mm. And any hope of new primes between 45 and 100 from Panasonic?

The question of whether it is good for landscapes is entirely a matter of whether you think the focal length is (sometimes) appropriate for landscapes. If you think so, as I do, then the answer is yes. On the other hand, for landscapes you might often do about as well with a good zoom (say, the 14-45 at 45) since you rarely need a wide aperture.

If you want a stabilized lens, there are two alternatives to the 45/1.8 that you might want to look at. The first is the Panasonic 45/2.8 macro and the other the upcoming Panasonic 43/1.2 promised for 2013/2014.


The focal length is ok with me. 20mm in town and 45 (and 20 in the pocket) for landscapes. Also like it because of the macro. Can't see much use for the 1.2. The zooms of interest rather expensive.

And the 20m should work well on an Olympus camera, so there is an alternative.

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