Omd AF like dslr

Started Nov 13, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Omd AF like dslr

Roland Shau wrote:


is it possible to use the omd AF like the dslr? Meaning after I locked on the centre Focus, I can recompose while the camera maintain the focus on my previously locked focus. I have tried to do this but somehow the focus is always locked at centre of my photo.


Yes. Half-press the shutter button, and keeping half-pressing, recompose, then fully depress. But the camera is very configurable, you might have this behavior (it is actually default with S-AF), or you might configure it to refocus on full press.

The same with auto-exposure - by default (on S-AF) it will be locked on half-press, but you can change it. Or even assign AF and AE on separate buttons.

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