FZ200 - 2 questions please

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Re: FZ200 - 2 questions please

Mikedigi wrote:

Tele-macro: With my FZ35/38, if you combine Macro mode with 11x-18x zoom, Tele-macro kicks in and you can focus from about 1 metre (and further). How is the Tele-macro on the FZ200?

At the 600mm telephoto end.

Panning action: If you're in a field with good light, a friend, a fast dog and a ball, and the friend gets the dog chasing the ball across your line of shooting, or across and obliquely towards you, can you shoot the dog at 5.5 fps (or whatever) while maintaining full vision through the EVF or on the LCD, like with an optical viewfinder, or is the view discontinuous with "view freeze"?

And would you use AF-C for this, especially if the dog is running partly towards you?


You'd need to switch off preview so as to minimise any view freeze but it's not going to be as good as a dSRL; the FZ200 with more pixels in the EVF has been reported to slow on refresh.

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