430EX II Compatibility Issues with 40mm f/2.8 Pancake

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Re: 430EX II Compatibility Issues with 40mm f/2.8 Pancake

Lemming51 wrote:

Noogy wrote:

Convinced by reviews and comments from this forum that the 40mm pancake is a good, fun lens, I recently bought one and indeed image quality was real good!

Problem is that when I attached it to my 7D and used my external flash 430EXII, all the images were overexposed, as in washed out white. The flash was on auto mode and was reading at 35mm. I had to manually adjust it to 50mm for images to come out right. This is strange. All other prime lenses I bought worked just fine out of the box with my 430EXII.

Anyone else experienced this problem with this pancake lens or with any other lens for that matter? Please point out what I might be doing wrong.

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Samples? including exposure settings.


- 35mm zoom setting is correct if the 430EX II is not set for "Auto zoom for image sensor size" (p. 23 of the 430EX II instr. man.). Still, if set for 35mm it'll spread the light wider than necessary. By itself the wider zoom setting would not cause overexposure.

- "flash was on auto mode" should display ETTL in the upper left of the LCD. If it displays TTL, then there is not a good connection in the hotshoe and the flash will be fire at maximum output.

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Right, it was on ETTL and auto-scaled to sensor size.  ISO100, f/2.8, 1/100.  Gosh I wish I did not delete the crappy photos so I could post them here

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