Looking for more sharpness

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Re: Looking for more sharpness

arty H wrote:

The 17-55IS is certainly a very sharp lens, but you can always try a fast prime to see if you like the results better. The zoom won't do F2, and you can get some nice available light shots at wide apertures.

If you are interested in "sharp" per se, then try a good macro lens. You won't find many sharper than the Tokina 35F2.8 macro, or the Canon 60F2.8 macro lens. Sigma also makes some sharp lenses, and I like their 50F2.8 macro lens. Their 70 is reported to be among the sharpest out there.

I use my fast primes more than any macro lens.

Are you looking for increased resolution or contrast?

Thanks for all those recommendations.  I would say resolution.  My contrast  I seem happy with most the time  I think?  Can you explain a bit more to me?  I'm sorry!


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