D800 Serial # 3053xxx, Should I send it back?

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Re: Agreed

olyflyer wrote:

rplst8 wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

The circle is a small symmetrical pattern which page 100 of your D800 instructions cautions may cause AF error.

Where on page 100 does it say *anything* about symmetrical patterns?

In the middle of the page saying:

"The subject is dominated by regular geometric patterns.
Example: Blinds or a row of windows in a skyscraper."

Regular geometric pattern = symmetrical pattern.

A regular geometrical pattern most certainly does NOT equate to a symmetrical pattern.  Also notice, it says "The subject is dominated..." not "the focus point contains" as some of the other examples have.

What Nikon is saying here is that if your frame is dominated by a repeating pattern, the camera won't be able to know what you are trying to focus on exactly.

This has nothing to do with a symmetrical object within the focus point.

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