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The D8000, 24MP, 8fps, 36NEF14bit buffer ... Next year early, but not before we all have the D800 already

You've been peeking!

That fake annoys me because it is so lame. Someone has got hold of a 3-D modeller and visualisation tools, but while they have an eye for detail, not enough undertsnding of Nikon's product line to make anything convincing. Like:

Buddy this is no lame...

Sorry, yes it is.

this is a complete "Industrial design project" that is very expensive and thousands of hours of design have been put on it...

This is most likely a student project. A good student. This is about the level and competence that would be expected for their degree project. Nowadays they make computer models using Alias or similar software (everything is AutoDesk these days, but the different functionally similar packages retain their core markets, and industrial designers tend to like Alias)

Anyone that knows the basic about industrial design (I have a British degree in MechEng myself) would laugh on your comment...

Why would having a MechEng degree give you much knowledge about Industrial Design. You'd need a degree in Industrial Design for that. I know a bit about those, I worked in a School of Art and Design for six years, during which time I worked on research projects with industrial designers (real ones) from VW, Ford, BMW, Canon and a few others. I've designed a number of products myself, and employed real industrial designers to do the industrial design. So, I am not altogether unfamiliar with industrial design. That's one reason why I feel I can say this is a fake, most likely a student project, because it is clearly not the work of Giugiaro, since it ignores the styling cues and themes that they have consistently put into Nikon products. If you have any familiarity with how industrial designers work, these things are important.

what do you think this is? ...3D photoshop that trolls are presenting as predictions?

It's a student project. Simple.

Anyone that visits the page can easily say what is design... this is a very serious company with several industrial designs for many manufacturers.

Where is the website? No 'very serious company' working for Nikon would release or leak images of future products. No 'very serious company' not working for Nikon would present a mock Nikon product. Students would, they do this all the time.

What has happened to all Nikon's D4 generation styling cues?

What happened to all Nikon's F3 generation styling cues? This is a product that obviously has video as a priority, do you think that photographic ergonomics are the same as video?

We are in the D4 generation, and Nikon under the guidance of Giugiaro has been very consistent about the use of styling cues generation on generatin, for the D2 generation with the sharp creases in the prism, the D3 with the V groove in the prism and the D4 with the midified V groove and the chamfered blended edges carried through in every model, D4, D800, D600, D3200, D5200 so far.

Suddenly they have gone back to the movie release in the LV switch.

Sure they have... it has different target group as priority remember?

One wonders why this would be a better solution than a dedicated movie release. How many video cameras have you seen put the release in the middle of the rear panel?

Why is the main wheel and AF-ON reversed?

Because in video focusing (if you use AF) is much more frequently accessed than changing the exposure (which you avoid as hell during shooting video).

Serious video users don't use AF.

What is that control by the mirror hump, and the one dow the RH bottom corner?

the release to change position of the handle....

So, how does the 'handle' work when the position is changed?

Why that ugly bracket arrangement to the left of the VF?

Ugly?... opinions I guess... of DPR posters who happen to be "experts" and "Einsteins" in industrial design too...

It is ugly, looks like an afterthought because they hadn't left the pace for two buttons. Not very good. So, although I was never an industrial designer, I have a pretty good idea what my colleagues, with whom I worked closely, would have said about it. I also know what I would have said about it if a designer had showed me something like that in one of his concepts.

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