Namibia w/E-M5 through 4/3 Glass

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Re: Namibia w/E-M5 through 4/3 Glass

dingenus wrote:

Beautiful. But looking in your gallery I could not help but I think that the recordings with the E5 are sharper and have a more appealing contrast/color.

Thank you, and interesting comment.  I post-process all of my files individually in lightroom.  I do agree that the E-5 files tend to come out "punchier" than the E-M5 files. But perhaps this is due to my own PPing or the way LR treats the raw files.  To me, the extra dynamic range and tonal gradation, particularly in skies, is clearly better with the E-M5.  I'm not sure I agree that the E-5 files are sharper.  I get plenty of detail in the E-M5 files.  Maybe the E-5 files look sharper at 100% because of the larger pixel pitch? If I get around to running some tests I'll post them here.

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