Found my 'eye', and lost my mind. . . (un-methodical test of new lens)

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Re: Found my 'eye', and lost my mind. . . (un-methodical test of new lens)

boxerman wrote:

Some stunners here. 1 and 2 didn't do much for me, but the next three are eye-openers. And a few of the following, too. Grain in the sky bothered me in some. Are you averse to a little post, selective noise reduction?

What apertures do you use? I understand, wide-open, there's a fair amount of vignetting on this lens.

Thanks much. Always enjoy your shots. I'm glad somebody can afford such a beautiful lens!

Yes, the noise in 2 skies needs addressing - I don't know why I left those 2 as they are.   I've been trying a different workflow using VSCO presets, and I've been a bit all over the place getting comfortable with it.   The noise in the tree scene (that upside down deformed spiral staircase) and the Lincoln Center plaza is noise I can tolerate, though.   I went too far with NR in the shot under the overpass (2nd shot, I believe).   The first shot was mainly a comparison with the 20/1.7 - the shadows were almost irrecoverably deep, and in raising them I was looking for banding.   This passed that test.

I'm fleshing out the apertures.   Offhand I believe the 2nd shot was wide open - by f1.8 the starbursts show themselves (having those with a wide aperture is part of the character I don't get with OEM lenses).   Interestingly, the ghosting is pretty much centered about their sources even at the edges of the frame - where with OEM lenses they're very much offset and not nearly as creamy/attractive.

Vignetting - I haven't shot wide open in brighter scenes to have noticed how significant the lens exhibits it, yet.  But being I almost always add a touch of v. in post, I don't think I'd have much to say about it anyway.

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