3 years gone

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Re: 3 years gone-got the F770 yesterday

rube39 wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Read the Fuji forum. Sometimes it seems like they make not only cameras but yo-yo's since people keep sending them back for exchange, sending them in for repair, sending them in again for yet another repair... I suspect they've got the lowest quality control of any of the big camera makers.

Yeah, I have heard about all the problems. What I am hoping is that Fuji keeps the better units for the Japanese market (which of course they would never admit). Both a colleague and student of mine have F770s with no problems and so, given the price, I went for one.

These are my first attempts with the F770. Seems to be alright, and the 25mm-500mm is a lot of fun. If you see problems with the lens, please let me know!

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