Sigma 30 owners: are you planning to replace it with the Sony 35 OSS?

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Re: re: a bit of shocking news (at least to me)

jpr2 wrote:

the 35/1.8 OSS is encased in plastic it feels like a huge cheat at $450


Is it really plastic though? Quote: "Build and design is typical of Sony's E-Mount lenses, with high quality black plastics that sport a glossy finish used for much of the lens barrel construction" -

But actually a metal barrel is typical of Sony's E-Mount lenses - is it possible they got it wrong?

It seems over-priced regardless of finish. Its performance is probably going to be up there with the 50/1.8 and the Zeiss 24/1.8, but I'm wrestling with my conscience & bank balance about replacing my current favourite all-round go-to lens Canon FDn 35/2, which is rapidly rendering my other 28 & 50's obsolete.

The examples on that ephotozine review linked above look excellent, sharp across the frame, lovely bokeh, good flare resistance. Look at this for sharpness (false moire indicating out-resolving the sensor top left), minimal distortion and only a mere hint of softness and CA in bottom right corner at f5.6:


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