Is Sony using the same sensor techology given to Oly EM5 for a Sony camera?

Started Nov 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
TrojMacReady Veteran Member • Posts: 8,722
Not really.

Everdog wrote:

The NEX 5N, 7 and E-M5 (now PM2 and PL5) all have the same sensor technology.

What is different is processing. Olympus has more experince squeezing out all the can from previous not so great sensors. Same with Nikon, which is why they seem to score higher on DxO with the exact same sensor.

Except that they don't. The noise and DR graphs are a match, except for the 14 bit versions that have a DR benefit at lower ISO's. But since the Olympus doesn't have a 14 bit mode either, that's not a factor either.

It's the ISO ratings that are cause for the most confusion.

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