First impressions of the 1 Nikkor 18.5mm f/1.8

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flange distance

myzel wrote:

distance of the Nikon 1 lens mount is about 17mm. A 1 Nikkor 18.5mm lens has to be a retrofocus design (just like the F-mount 50mm lenses). Nikon could have made a pancake lens for F-mount and for the Nikon 1 system.

It would be interesting to read from Nikons lens designers why the made the 1 Nikkor 18.5 the way they did.

Good point about the flange distance.

Fuji X has only 17,7mm and Sony nex 18mm - about the same as Nikon 1 but with aps-c sensors!

m4/3 has 19,2mm.

Considering, how much smaller is 1" sensor, the design is more similar to dslr (without mirror), than to other mirrorless competition. That should aply also for the lenses.

I'd think that with smaller flange distance they could design thinner body and smaller lenses, but it's hard to tell without a complex knowledge. The Sony Nex lenses for example are quite big.

In the past the longer flange distance was needed because of sensor limitations, but I think that's not true with current designs.

edit: comparing 4/3 vs m4/3 might give an idea, how much smaller the lenses could be, if Nikon chose smaller flange distance..

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