1st DSLR - Please help....

Started Nov 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
peevee1 Veteran Member • Posts: 6,247
Re: 1st DSLR - Please help....

Mrbaddog wrote:


I'm currently looking at purchasing my 1st DSLR which I'll be using for my snowboarding holidays.

Don't you ever fall on snowboard? Or you just shoot other snowboarders, not snowboarding yourself? Because a fall will with very high probability break any DSLR and/or lens, weather-sealed or not.

I would prefer Olympus TG-1 in my pocket during active sports. BTW, "The camera will shoot at 10 frames per second (fps) at full 12-megapixel resolution, as well as a faster 60 fps at a reduced 3-megapixel resolution.", and GPS is built-in, so you will know later at which slope you took each picture.

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