50mm "Normal" Lens... Ok, but "Normal" on FF or APS-C Sensor?

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Barrie Davis
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Old book correct as far as it goes

jvkelley wrote:

I spent a few minutes on Google to try to find the oldest possible reference to a "normal" lens. The oldest thing I could find was a book called "The Exhibition Print" published in 1922. On page 367, the author refers to a normal lens having an angle of view of about 45 degrees. This would be 52mm on a full frame camera. This was published back when view cameras with various sized films were common.

So, this suggests that a "normal" lens is one that is neither wide-angle nor long-focus, but has a focal-length (AoV) lying midway between the two.

Well, what the old book says sounds perfectly fine to me, even if it isn't saying very much....

What I take exception to is the idea that this normal lens length (AoV) has anything to do with how the EYE sees things, either in Perspective, or Field of View.

(I wonder what the 1922 book says about lens hoods; they were practically unheard of at that time.)

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