Pro DX is Dead

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jonikon wrote:

Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery wrote:

The D8000, 24MP, 8fps, 36NEF14bit buffer ... Next year early, but not before we all have the D800 already

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You've been peeking!

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"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! The Great Oz has spoken!"
- Jon

Never the less and despite the jokes here, the project that was published in "Technofotografia":ámaras%20concepto

(don't forget to press the "leer Mas" button underneath)...

Is the most interesting project that has seen the light about a hybrid camera that would target primarily the video market...

There are a number of things to consider about this project... :

1. That its an expensive design project that somebody has paid for... yet the name that the (hypothetical) product bares is ...Nikon.

2. The lens it carries is the 17-55mm f2.8 Nikkor which is an APS-c lens...

3. The product has been designed having polycarbonate in mind for the main frame construction since the moveable grip would not leave space for metal to be considered... (cost would shoot of the roof if the problems related with metal were to be considered)

Now whether this will be (or something similar) the D9000 (4-digit, odd number) or whether this is a future exercise remains to be seen... One thing is certain... Nikon, being a leading imaging company, does consider video enthusiasts as a prime target group among its customers and hence Nikon will demand a leading position on this same market...

OTOH, history has proved (take the FF market for instance) that to gain a market that you was nearly absent up to now... you have to prove both capable and innovative!


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