The biggest Sony negative: service and support

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I state that at this time I have no photographic equipment, I had a Sony A77 kit various optics, but I sold everything, the A99 does not convince me and I decided to wait for a new professional Olympus or the new flagship of Sony 36Mp, meanwhile for work rental equipment all time. That said I must say that about ten months ago I had the need to contact Sony Support for a problem I had with the 70/300mm SSM (many times the photos were burned, as if the diaphragm does not shut the set value, in fact more I closed the aperture, aperture priority, more photos were overexposed), the person who answered the phone told me that the 70/300 was not compatible with the A77 and then it was not a malfunction, but incompatibility (!!!)  of Use I then wrote an email to Sony, I have never answered, so I called and they told me the same thing, pointing to the web address where I could see between the lenses compatible with the A77 70/300 was not (without a doubt that the list is not updated). I then brought the camera and lens in a Sony service center explaining the problem and telling them that they always occurred, sometimes fine sometimes not, after 15 days I have returned all telling me that they had found the problem before to take away everything I did make a few clicks to the person who was at the counter to pick up the items to be sent out in the laboratory and, of course, the pictures taken were all overexposed. In short, I do not think that all service centers are great, but my experience with the Sony service was not good, as I said today I have nothing of that material and I solved the problem at the source.
remember who is angry that I'm not a troll, but a person who shares his own experience

sorry for my bad english

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