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Re: adapt Leica R lenses to Nikon SLR

htleung wrote:

Thank you for the input.

I would like to ask another 2 questions:

1. if I cannot get clear focus of subjects at "infinity", does one have any idea of the approximate longest distance of clear focus (I know it is hard to come up with an answer, but the reason I ask is that if I only use a 60mm macro and a 90mm R lens, then I think distant not-in-focus subjects will not be an issue)

2. if I put a M lens onto my D700, will the opposite apllies, ie, the distance of the nearest clear focus subjects will increase but I can get clear focus at "infinity" (and of course, I have to put up with a smaller image area projected onto the sensor of the full frame camera)


Why do you want to try the weird way when there is an excellent possibility to use your R lenses on the Nikon DSLRs; Leitax-type mount conversion? If you buy them from some far-eastern producers they cost around $20-30 so cost should not be much issue. However you will be able to employ full focusing range of your R lenses. Any other adaptation (R => Canon =>Nikon) will not work as you expect.

The Leitax-type conversion of 90mm (Summicron or Elmarit) is not difficult at all, you can perform it in 10 minutes. However the Macro Elmarit 60 is the most difficult R lens to Leitax; so be careful (I did this conversion, not recommended for the unexperienced.)

M lenses on the F-mount is not to recommend as they will always work around near-macro range, 1:2 or for shorter ones close to 1:1 (and for this range they are not corrected at all.) You can not use a lens designed for 28mm register distance on a flange of 44mm; 16mm is huge for focusing range of shorter lenses.

Last, but not the least; your choice of 60mm and 90mm R lenses is right, for shorter lenses look for the R lenses of the last generation (2nd or 3rd versions); 35/2 Summicron-R E55 is a fine lens to use on the F-mount, the fixed-hood 28mm is also another one to recommend.

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