How the post-Sandy 'New York' cover photo was shot with a 1DX

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Re: How the post-Sandy 'New York' cover photo was shot with a 1DX


What he means is that for that high a ISO. The 5DIII, 5DII and a lot of the Nikons have good-decent high ISO, but if you want the lowest noise and 18MP, the 1Dx is king. The noise on the D4 is about the same (a little more) , and it has more DR, but you get 2 more MP. So the 1Dx beats out the D4 (BARELY)

Before, you would need a stabilizer. What I would have done, was take a few wide and FAST primes. Like the 24mm and 35. I would say this, if the 24-70 2.8II was a IS lens, it would be the best zoom in that range in the world.. HANDS DOWN. I love the 24-70 II except no IS.. I would have paid $500 more for IS

Even as a Canon doesn't seem very impressive to me. Certainly nothing that a 5D II or III couldn't have captured, not to mention Nikon's FF models...

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The problem with the 24mm and 35 mm f1.4 lenses at f1.4 is they are very very soft in the corners, the 24mm at f1.4 is not really useable. I bought them for just this purpose, night aerials. The 35mm is better but still needs 2 or 3 clicks down to deliver.

Gyro's still beat high iso on any camera system, that's why I have two KS6's Two KS8's and a KS12 and lots of mounts I've made for different occasions and aircraft.


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