D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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Re: D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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I shoot interiors and weddings using the D 700, I am now thinking of upgrading to the D 800 E, Wedding photographers do you encounter a lot of moire in a typical wedding situation? I am also reading some user reviews of the D 800 who report a left focusing problems.

Has this issue been sorted out in the D 800E? and is this a good choice for me over the D 800?

Please comment.



Based upon what I have read thus far, the D800/E is a camera that should be used on a tripod for portraiture and landscape photos. Apparently, the ultra-high megapixel count amplifies any defect in technique and can result in many out of focus photographs -- particularly when the camera is handheld. This issue cannot be overstated. This camera has a specific use; it is probably not a good choice for handheld general photography. I know others have stated differently that they can consistently obtain sharp photos handheld, but, frankly, I do not believe them. Too many experts (i.e., Mr. Bjorn Rorslett, et al.) have discussed the generally poor, out of focus results, when trying to handhold this camera during general photography sessions.

It does not appear that the moire issue is all that much to worry about. It seems to appear infrequently.

I think that Nikon is finally resolving the AF left side focus issue which heretofore was fairly pervasive in the D800/E cameras. I would make certain, however, that I purchase a D800/E camera manufactured after October 15 or so.

Finally, yes, large files can be an issue when taking numerous photographs. They can be a bit unwieldy.

Good luck with your decision!

Save us from the armchair experts who learn everything second hand out of a book or reading blogs online they nearly always end up with a distorted world view.

These photos were all shot handheld either at high ISO or slow shutter speeds.

First 2 photos the camera settings were jpeg small basic

ISO 25600

1/500th sec ISO 12800

1/30th sec ISO 800 focal length 70mm

1/30th second ISO 2000 focal length 70mm

1/200th second ISO 12800 focal length 70mm

The last 3 photos camera settings were NEF FX these are not downsampled, view original & then magnify & you are viewing at 100%

Come on. If I attempted to take a photo of a person while holding the camera similarly as is being held above, I could only take photos of folks rolling on the floor laughing hysterically at my technique. You clearly proved my earlier point. Thank you!

Not only an armchair expert you are clearly incapable of assimilating any facts that contradict your half baked opinions.

I posted 2 handheld 35MP photos shot at 30th second with a focal length of 70mm you can view the photo's at 100% one of them is a self portrait that any reasonable person would accept as proof that you can take sharp handheld photo's at shutter speeds slower than 1/focal length.

A closed mind is like a closed book just a block of wood. ~ Chinese Proverb

Maybe these guys would try Joe McNally's technique. He's a very well respected professional photographer who really knows his $hit.


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