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Re: re: menus of N7 - one of the worst in industry, by far :(

The fact that this subject raises its head from time to time now only raises a faint smile rather than my blood pressure.

Writing as someone who has been critical of the NEXs menus & controls from the very begining it is amusing to see that every new wave of buyers has to thrash this issue out with two groups emerging - those who strongly dislike the operational system & those who feel obliged to defend it !

The tragedy is that a long time ago Minolta devised a system that worked quite well & Sony improved on this in their early models. This happy situation changed when the cell-phone group took over the progrmming. It is just possible that eventually Sony may get back on track but why it is taking so long is one of lifes great mysteries.........

One thing that is quite clear is that all intelligent, independant reviewers are united in their views that the NEX conrols & menus could be better & that is putting it lightly !  Only stubborn Sony loyalists persist in defending the status quo & most of those spoil their case by qualifying their comments by using the phrase " everything is quite good once you have the camera setup to suit your style of shooting " .......... It is the journey to that point that is so frustrating & woe betide anyone who on occasions wants to do alter their style ! They have to start the journey all over again.

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