LX7 - PAL or NTSC?

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Re: LX7 - I'd get the PAL version

pavinder wrote:

Edgar Matias wrote:

Antal J wrote:

You might be interested in reading this:


Not sure how relevent his suggestions are anymore...

Movies are almost all shot in 24p. If you've ever seen a movie on TV, you're watching 24p.

Most videos are more likely to end up on YouTube, which can accommodate any standard frame rate just fine, and plays anywhere worldwide.

If it were me, I'd shoot everything in 50p. That way, I'd have a high frame rate source file that can be easily conformed to the most useful lower frame rates. For 25p, just drop half the frames. For 24p, slow it down to 49fps, and then drop the odd-numbered frames.

Thanks for the suggestions, Edgar.

PAL version looks like the one to get, as I prefer a filmic look and America is somewhere I can't see myself spending as much time as Europe.

Yes, I think so too.

In fact, I'm in North America and I wouldn't buy the US model.  It's too limiting.  I'd go out of my way and pay extra to get the PAL one, just so I could get 24p/25p/50p from the same source file.  It would be nice to have 30p too, but I don't really need it.

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