Epson R1800 plugged nozzles and fuzzy black

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Re: Epson R1800 plugged nozzles and fuzzy black

The system I bought is from Lamicci_shop on eBay. It looks similar to others. Doesn't seem to be anything special. But the system is well constructed and the tanks and cartridges are attached into single packages to make installaing them easy.

I already inquired and they do not offer any advice other than what I have indicated below. My experiments indicate raising the tanks higher than they suggested works better.

My task is to unplug the nozzles and so far nothing is working. The problem is in the K (black) color. The printout pattern is banded.

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kcbeatty wrote:

RailroadMan wrote:

Since January, 2012 I have been working with a Continuous Ink Feed System and printing was excellent. Two weeks ago the K nozzle got plugged and I have been trying to fix it. Numerous web sites indicate solutions but the suggestions are pretty much similar.

You didn't mention which brand or the maker of your CIS system. There are several different models of CIS systems.

However, I have not been successful so far. In addition black print is fuzzy and there seems to be a faint horizontal line through the letters midway between top and bottom.

Sounds like this is your main issue. You seem to have a air seal issue or plugging with the PK cartridge.

I noticed that recently the ink drains back from the nozzles leaving an air space in the tubes. I don't recall if this was happening before. If I raise the ink supply tanks the ink then flows back into the nozzles removing the air space. If I raise the tanks too high then I get puddles of ink on the paper when printing.

Again you need to refer to the maker or dealer of your CIS. The height of the supply tanks is usually very specific on different models. The behavior you describe is normal operation for a CIS

Can anyone suggest what I can do to resolve these two problems? Also I am sure Epson will charge a substantial fee to repair the nozzles. I may decide to buy another R1800. I found several firms that sell used machines since new ones are no longer available.

Unless your print head has been damaged I don't think your issue is caused by a physical head problem. You need to communicate with the person you obtained the CIS from. They should be able to help.

Is the a later model of Epson printers that are equivalent to the R1800 and use the same kind of ink?

None of the current new Epson printers use the same ink set as the R1800.


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