Canon G1X Image Stabilisation Issues - HELP REQUIRED PLEASE!!!!!!

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Re: Canon G1X Image Stabilisation Issues - HELP REQUIRED PLEASE!!!!!!

PHOTOJOE55 wrote:

Voodoo Sioux,

The anti-shake symbol (the hand) only appears in "Auto" mode, and does not appear in any other mode at all. The powered IS setting is for Movie mode when using long zoom.

The anti-shake mode seems to be ON, even though the symbol doesn't appear in any other mode. Try yours in Program, Shutter or Aperture priority and see if you get the same picture, because that is what I have, even though the shaking hands symbol does not appear. The same picture with the settings matching those that "Auto" mode chose. Side by side, the same! Mine is also a few weeks old. While you try that, I'll ask someone who's been using it much longer. I'll ask Marco Nero. I'll check back in a bit.


That's right.  And be sure that your ISO is on AUTO or at the very least is set to a higher number so the camera can capture a quicker shot in low light.  I set mine to 800 ISO maximum but leave it on AUTO ISO.

If you know you have unsteady hands, you can also set the camera to Tv Mode which means you select the shutter speed.  A non-stabilized camera will require at least 1/13sec exposures if shooting handheld.  A camera like the G1X can actually shoot in even lower light and with a lower speed (1/8sec?) due to the larger sensor and higher ISO available.

Pull the camera towards you with two hands and use them as a brace to steady the camera.

I never see the Anti Shake symbol on my G1X but then again, I never shoot in Auto because I find the pictures can more easily be overexposed in AUTO.

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