shutter shock

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Peter Heckert2
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Re: shutter shock - Mechanical resonance effect.


I believe it is a matter of accidential resonances.

If the optics is vibrating, the image becomes unsharp.

Also you can get an unsharp image using a heavy and stiff tripod and get a sharp image which a lighter tripod that is well dampened. Sometimes loosening the mounting plate at the tripod helps, because this surpresses resonances.

Look this:

With the supporting srew in the middle I get almost no blur.

The arrangement is already very stable without this screw, but this screw makes it really stiff and prevents vibrations.

Without the screw I get blur. It is not camera shake blur. The blur is caused by an unstable vibrating lens.

Probably in most cases one would get less blur, if the camera is supported by the hand, because this dampens vibrations. So, using a tripod /can/ have an adverse effect.



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