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Re: Have a listen......

Skip wrote: On a typical dslr was the mirror slap masking shutter slap, or do the mft's use some sort of inferior shutter design?

The M4/3 have the same old focal plane shutter mechanism, but it is a bit smaller, and it does the double flippy thing because of live view - but the main problem is probably that the mass of the M4/3 body is so small.

Shooting my E-PL1 I can feel the shake of the shutter mechanism, but do the same with my old film days Nikon F801s and the noise is maybe a bit less and I cannot feel the body vibrate despite the mirror and the bigger shutter mechanism flapping about. The difference being the big heavy SLR body versus the teeny-tiny light E-PL1 body.

My theoretical fix is to bolt a chunk of lead to the tripod screw to make the body heavier and not jolt around so much, one day I might even get around to trying that silly move.

Eventually the global shutter or some sort of high speed switchable LCD blockout filter will arrive and solve the problems.

Regards..... Guy

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