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I was also wondering what the sensor on the X-E1 specifically is like in terms of cleaning. If something gets on it is it safe to clean with swabs? Also, does it have a cap or something to stop it from getting stuff on it when the lens is detached?

Do a google search for sensor cleaning—you'll see that there is a lot of good information. Eventually you'll have a wet swab system and maybe an antistatic brush that will be needed when the air puff doesn't work. The Fuji system works pretty well though—I still haven't had to clean my XP1 after more than a half year. When it is time to, it's at least easier to get to than in a DSLR.

There is nothing covering the sensor when you remove a lens. So use caution—if you are in a dusty environment, maybe it's not a good time to change lenses... I always have my replacement lens ready to stick on before I take the current lens off. I also try to hold the camera so that the lens mount is facing down when there isn’t a lens mounted. This is an easy habit to develop. My logic is that the less time the sensor is exposed, the better.

Don't worry about water stains on the front element. Wait until you have time to clean the lens with proper tissue or cloth. Water spots will clean off no problem, and in most cases, you will not loose any contrast or resolution with them there. And to repeat what several others have said, always blow the lens off first, before you rub it with anything!

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