Over processing, when to stop?

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Re: Over processing, when to stop?

sean lancaster wrote:

Ric Kaysen wrote:

I sent this image through LR and came up with this which, to me, is over processed....friends on Facebook seem to like it though...Ha!

I think it comes down to audience. My facebook "friends" likes more HDR and over processed images. On Flickr, my good photography contact list doesn't go for the overly processed stuff as much and tends to favorite my shots that are more subtle (tends to anyway). I guess people who don't know much about processing seem more impressed by it and people who know it's sort of gimmicky aren't (but I am generalizing far too much, probably).

I think the easiest ways to ruin a good image in PP are overdoing HDR, contrast and saturation. I know, it's a matter of personal taste, but browsing through galleries of over-the-top HDR pics is enough to make my eyes bleed. However, like you said, it seems to work for impressing people who see it the first time. As for overdone colours, it's not a coincidence that P&S jpegs generally tend to have higher contrast and saturation by default. It looks good when you first see it. But like overcompression in music, after a while it gets tiresome. Often a little goes a long way.

Not to say it's all wrong - a certain image might benefit from oversaturated colours while another looks better in B&W et cetera. As for OP's image, I don't think it's particularly OTT - it's a very nice shot to begin with and the vignetting suggests an archaic look which is not a bad thing at all. It could be a little less extreme, though.

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