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Re: Shutter lag: 5D3 is 3.5 times faster then D800?

Press Correspondent wrote:

ak1999 wrote:

One performance aspect on 5D3 that I have not seen mention much is the shutter lag and mirror blackout time.

They are still noticeably longer that those from D800.

I was shooting exclusively with my 5D3 for 10 days and then switched back to D800 and noticed how much darker D800 viewfinder was but shutter lag and specially mirror blackout times were noticeable shorter.

I see in the shutter lag of 209 ms on D800 vs. 59 ms on 5D3.The numbers seem to contradict your post. What am I missing?

You are missing the truth.

I don't know where you got 209ms number.

I believe it is more like 50ms or less.

That is a very unrealistic number.

Have you actually tried a D800?

I own both D800 and 5D3 so I know what I'm talking about (do you?).

The shutter lag on 5D2 is terrible, that is why I was never able to pull the trigger on it.

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