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Anders W wrote:

Not inferior but different. An MFT shutter does double duty. Unlike the shutter on a DSLR using its OVF, it is open (for live view), when the shutter button is pressed. It then first has to close (to reset the sensor prior to exposure), then open (for exposure), then close again (for readout), and finally open again (to continue live view).

The first part of this sequence (shutter closing before exposure) is somewhat analogous to the mirror slap on an SLR and is responsible for at least part of the shutter shock (perhaps the most significant part). On Oly (but not Pany) bodies, there is something analogous to mirror lock-up known as the anti-shock setting. This setting introduces a delay between the time the shutter closes prior to exposure and its opening again for exposure, thereby eliminating the shock caused by the first stage of shutter action.

Thanks for the explanation. I now get the difference in operation between mft and dslr. How does the mft operation compare to say my fz150? Does it have that same close-open-close-open cycle?

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